Retningslinjer for asfaltbaner

Retningslinjer for sikkerhet på racingbaner



Sikkerhetsforskriftene for permanente asfaltbaner/racingbaner og disse baners utforming skal
etter innstilling fra baneeieren fastsettes av NBF i hvert enkelt tilfelle.

Retningslinjer fra FIA`s banekommisjon legges til grunn.

For å avklare hva som kan brukes som banemarkeringer i tillegg til maling kan man her se hva FIA skriver

The recommendations concerning bollards reported herein are advisory.
Bollards are defined as a 2-part system made of a permanent base and an upright post, connected to
each other. They are used in order to fix permanent or temporary delineation (i.e. mark track limits) in
certain sections of the track.
Bollards should be made from a polyurethane material, as to provide high flexibility, toughness with
superior resistance to impact. Other materials (i.e. flexible low-cost plastics) may be approved at the
discretion of the FIA, according to the requirements.
Fluorescent (orange) colour is recommended for increased visibility.